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I Like To Write

Posted by Jessica A. on June 18, 2009

Hello, and welcome to my blog! It’s a wonderful thing, a newly minted blog, fresh from the tubes, so full of hope and possibility, yet also aware of the very real likelihood of me getting bored and abandoning this after a week and a half, leaving it to languish in that vast purgatory known as the World Wide Web. Mindful of this, I think it might be helpful to explore the reasons I am starting a blog.

I like to write. There are few things more enjoyable than molding the nebulous, scattered bits of thought into something more or less coherent and understandable. It is easy to liken a writer to a photographer, but I think a writer is more analogous to a sculptor. Prose is the crafted image of an idea, with words as its medium. In writing, we give form to the formless; thoughts become ideas, which become sentences, then paragraphs. Paragraphs become essays and stories.

Sculpting ideas lends them a sort of permanence. They may be revisited later, expanded upon, and revised, where otherwise they may have been forgotten in the endless sea of thought that is the human mind. And just as we may revisit our sculptures, others as well may stumble onto it, to admire or to criticize. Words so stumbled upon may well germinate inside the minds of those that see them, and so breed into more ideas. Writing is hardly alone in this regard. Art, in it’s most fundamental form, is communication, even if we are only attempting to communicate with ourselves.

For art does not necessarily need to be for communication with others. So vigorous our minds are in producing thoughts that individual ideas that were considered important one minute may very well be forgotten the next. When we write ideas down, often we do so to ensure that we ourselves will not forget an idea.

Thus we come to the true purpose of this blog. To put things simply, I am going through a lot. In the past months I have faced a complete change in worldview, my understanding of sexuality, and my understanding of my own gender. Ideas and feelings fly through my mind, and feel of utmost importance, only to be nearly forgotten in a matter of hours or days. I have learned to cope up to now, by allowing myself to forget, but constantly forgetting is a very poor way to go through life. Thus, I must write, lest all be lost in the sea of confusion.

This means this blog will often ramble, much like it has done today, and if that annoys you, I apologise. Consider this your warning. For the rest of you, I can only hope that my exploration of my own journey can be of some help to you.

Much love,

Jessica A.


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Hello world!

Posted by Jessica A. on June 18, 2009

Pardon the dust while I get everything settled. More about the blog’s purpose, etc. in a later post.

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